The Limits of X86

Have Just Been Broken

Transform Your Mission-Critical Environment with HPE Superdome X and Red Hat Enterprise Linux®

Designed from the ground up to deliver unprecedented levels of x86 high availability, scalability and performance to power your mission-critical Linux® workloads. Whether you want to drive down costs, improve uptime, standardize or consolidate, Superdome X offers new possibilities to transform your mission-critical environment which were never available before.

Why HPE Integrity Superdome X?

Every year, more workloads become mission-critical. You may be running those on a UNIX-based environment which so far has been a reliable, low-risk option for core business applications. However increasing costs, decreasing skills and reduced ISV support may cause you to rethink this approach. You may also be running critical workloads on x86 infrastructure, but need more uptime, performance or scalability than you get with your current solution.

This is why HPE developed HPE Integrity Superdome X server powered by Intel®. Delivering a mission-critical architecture built around industry-standard x86 components, running industry-standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, it offers you a low-risk and efficient alternative because it is purposely designed from the ground up to support your mission-critical workloads.

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